Online Psychic Readings: How The Times Have Changed

The old way of having a psychic reading has well and truly moved into a future of its own.

many people will still associate the concept with caravan psychics at
the local fun-fair or having a reading along a grand seafront time has
well and truly changed.

It is not the case that there are no longer psychics that provide such a service.

With nearly seventy-three million listings for the keyword psychic reading alone on a Google search we can safely say that the majority of psychics in the world are not seafront or fun-fair clairvoyants.

For those who need clarity insight and honesty, there is now a unique selection of mediums and psychics to research.

With the extraordinary boom in the use of mobile phones and apps, there is a wealth of information at your very fingertips.

immediate access to recent reviews and testimonials, it is now possible
to thoroughly read up on any particular psychic that you may be

How Things Have Changed

  1. You can now have a psychic reading without even leaving home.
  2. The psychic cannot see you and come up with an assumption.
  3. The internet provides you with testimonies and reviews.
  4. Live readings are available by phone text message online and email
  5. There are millions of online chat psychics to choose from.
  6. There is much less of a need to book appointments for readings
  7. You can often see a psychic working for free on social media sites

The Past. The Present. The Future

The past way of getting a psychic reading stirs up some lovely memories for me.

Popping to see a clairvoyant while on holiday was a favourite part of the holiday itself.

In fact, for me, it was quite a life-changing decision.

It was actually in a palm readers booth that my grandfather met my grandmother.

They went on to share the rest of their lives.

Without a doubt, there is a demanding and genuine interest in psychics and mediums.

was only a matter of time before the internet provided the platform for
those who wanted to extend their reach and services to those seeking

The very world of psychic readings has changed from its past to a more flexible model.

More people are developing their pshychic abilities than ever before and as a result of this more readers are available, and different types of readings are possible.

The way people get a reading has changed and the way people provide a reading has changed.

As an older psychic my memories of the little booths on the seafront and the caravans at the fun-fair stir up my excitement.

In my mind, I recall the smell of toffee apples and candy floss filling the air as you wait your turn to get your reading.

It does not mean that they are the best readings.

I have grown to know and work with some of the most accurate online psychic readers.

So what does the future hold?

Now that is a question for the psychics!


The Difference Between a Psychic and a Medium

bet you have heard many times stories about psychics and mediums that
can predict the future, make a telepathic connection, and help people by
connecting them with their dear ones that are not anymore in their

Psychics and mediums can really do that. But have you ever
asked yourself if there is any difference between a psychic and a
medium? Have you ever wondered if they are different or maybe they are
the same things, but we are called them in two different ways?

find out if a psychic is the same with the medium. Let’s find out if
there are any difference in between them two and what makes special each
of them.

Many many people call for the help of a psychic and many
many people believe in their powers. They want to see if something will
happen in their future or maybe they simply want to be connected again
with the beloved ones.

What is a psychic?

Psychic is a
person who claims to use extrasensory perception. They usually identify
hidden information from the normal senses. They usually help you to
connect with people from the other world. They help you get in touch
with the spirit of someone you loved so much and you still love. They
can give you the possibility to speak through different kind of messages
with the ones that are not anymore in our lives.

Psychics can do all of these for us. They are seen like prophets or the people that can make a good thing for our souls.

What is a medium?

onward to mediums now, and the primary concern to learn about them is
that they are particularly ready to speak with spirits. Along these
lines, this implies all mediums are additionally psychics, however not
all psychics are mediums. If a psychic will tell you things about your
future, the a medium will be able to tell you things about the future
and past. A medium will help you understand the future by analyzing your

Psychic or Medium?

In conclusion, you have to know
that there is not a really big difference in between them, but people
perceive them different because they can help them in different manners.
It’s all about the perception and the image they have built in time.
But they are like two people with great powers that can help other
people by predicting their future and tell them what to do in a bad
moment of their lives.


Past Life Connections Readings to Heal Love and Money Blocks

Healing Through Past Life Connection Readings

If you are considering to experience an accurate psychic reading or other psychic or spiritual healing modality, it is important to keep in mind the great impact it can have on your emotional, mental, physical healing, in all areas of your life and what beneficial effect this method can have on the overall well-being of a person. This article is intended to give you a fundamental review of Regression Therapy. A Psychic Reading with regression, not only identifies the root cause of a problem, but also can go as deep as healing the cause and so the problem will disappear in the present life and has beneficial ramifications about how we live our lives.

It is a profound way to look deeper into a subconscious layer of a long-standing block, which most of the time, runs your every day life without you being aware of it, triggering your responses to circumstances, and decisions and actions you take in the present life On account of this, while doing a such psychic reading, it is paramount that you work with a real, gifted and experienced psychic counselor and regression therapist especially if a regression is involved.

Are past lives genuine?

Most ancient religions have a death & rebirth philosophy as a fundamental belief. Early Christians believed in past lives too, until the Catholic Church banned it as a sinful offense, in order to control people, and this subject was removed from the Bible and the concept rebirth denied. As a result of this, the belief in life after life, and then rebirth in the west culture, is new, and can take to a number of different interpretations.

Everybody at some point has experienced some deje vu event, and has been wondering whether they have been in the same city or place they live in the present life, also some other time in a former life, and if so, who they might have been then and what social role they might have had in the society. A good and accurate Psychic reading with regression can have a profound spiritual impact and an amazing healing effect on our current life circumstances if done in an authentic and professional way.

We are all connected with everything

Ancient traditional religions have always believed that we continue our journey in a perpetual cycle of life and rebirth cycle until we achieve a state of avatar. This state can be reached at any time after completing the many numbers of incarnations our soul requires. In Buddhism, incarnations are a method for improving the nature of the spirit and the acknowledgment that there is no me/you or mine/yours. Every individual even if having their own individuality, is also connected and unified with everything in the Universe. There are many Eastern ancient traditions that believe in this concept.

Past Life Reading with Regression Therapy

In a former Life Regression Therapy session, offered at a Psychic Readings center in your area, you will be guided through a mental imagery journey, through relaxation, to a past-life that is most significant to your current issues and concerns. While in a state of deep trance, you will connected to a past-life identity and experience the important events and experiences and internal encounters of your past-life self.

After visually traveling to important memories and occurrences in the past, you will be able to find, identify and connect the cause of some problem in a present life, then heal and complete the unfinished issue that your past-life self had been carrying in the soul’s blue print through life after life and then into your current life. Former Life Regression Healing is likewise valuable for neutralizing negative old traumas and incorporating positive past-life memories, latent talents and abilities and gifts, into the present life.

Psychic Reading with Regression liberates you & sets you free from long-lasting blocks, and allows you to step onto your true self, and allows you to move faster toward your dream and your magnificent destiny, unhampered by the past. allowing to finally uncover your true magnificent nature, your true Divine identity, allowing you to open up to receive all the blessings and desires that are yours as your birthright, particularly if done in conjunction with an accurate Psychic Reading.


How Can You Tell If A Tarot Reader Is Psychic?

After I had had a number of readings, I started to think about how it was possible for someone to predict what would happen to me as time went by. I wondered if certain things would only happen because I had ended up believing that they would happen.

If this was the case, it was as though a reader was planting seeds in mind; seeds that I would water overtime. Through giving energy to these seeds, they would gradually end up growing into plants and trees.

It’s Your Choice

I ended up having a reading with someone who said that nothing was set in stone and that everything could change when I went back out into the world again. This person was aware of how the mind worked and didn’t want me to believe that I didn’t have a choice.

I thought that what he said sounded accurate, or it would mean that I was just an observer of my life. If this was the case, there would be absolutely nothing I could do if something unpleasant was predicted to happen further down the line.

Looking Back

Certain things I was told would happen happened, while there were things I was told would happen that didn’t. I would often wonder if this was the result of me changing my behavior after I had the reading.

What also crossed my mind was whether or not a lot of what I was told was completely inaccurate. There was no way that I could really answer these questions; in order to do that, I would have to go back in time.

A Messenger

Someone ended up shedding some light on all this while I was volunteering a number of weeks ago. We were talking about tarot card readings and I was asked if I had had any.

I said that I had had a few over the years and that some of the things that they said would happen did happen. After I said this, he said that a great way to find out if someone is psychic is to ask them about your past.

Clear Evidence

The reason for this was that what has happened in the past is not going to change. Therefore, if a reader can give a detailed account of what someone has been through, there is a strong chance that they are psychic.

I thought that this was a great way to see if a reader had this ability or if they were just having a go anyway. Up until that point, I hadn’t thought of a way of finding out if someone was psychic.

Final Thoughts

So, do you think that this is a good way to find out if someone is psychic? Do you have another way of finding out if a reader is the real deal?


Why Some Psychics Are Better Than Others

Does it seem like the more you get to know about psychics the more muddled everything becomes? For instance, one might tell you your Aunt Bess who passed away over a couple of years ago is coming through only to discover you don’t have an Aunt Bess, although there could be one twice removed from an acquaintance three blocks down across the street, uh hem.

Yet another psychic starts out by saying that you’ll be meeting your soul mate soon, just around the corner, “Great!” you think “Can I get a clue as to which corner?”

Not all psychics are this vague but it does typify what a lot of people have come to expect. Through it all and however much you want to believe, nothing seems to pan out, leaving you a little light in the wallet and all the none wiser for the experience. What is it that makes each psychic so vastly different? One can be spot on each and every time while another will miss the mark more often than not. Have you ever just wondered why that is?

Psychic Equality?

One erroneous assumption a lot of people make is that all psychics are created equal and should therefore provide the exact same services. The truth of the matter is that some may be simply more experienced than others, still others should consider being lawyers or brain surgeons as more lucrative and honest options and, even more subtle, not everyone has the same resources from which to share their gifts. Resources in this case referring to the environment we have been raised in with its unique information, education and cultural considerations.

In my travels I’ve had ample opportunity to investigate the differences between the good, the bad and the psychically challenged. In all, there’s been a lot of bad to be fairly alarmed at how they continue to operate; however, on the up side, there’s also been a sufficient number of good ones to believe that they do exist, and likewise enough of the moderately gifted to appreciate that there is still a lot of budding talent out there.

Don’t automatically assume that after having one disappointing reading that all psychics are frauds or fakes; there are many genuinely gifted psychics out there, you just need to find them and with a little help you can. Of course, you’re probably not likely to revisit a bad or marginally gifted psychic again too soon, but it would be nice to know how to avoid them or even better yet, what to do if you’ve managed not to avoid them after all.

What Makes a Psychic a Better Psychic?

Just as a gifted pianist doesn’t remain gifted for long if they don’t practice, the same is true for any psychic. Although the penchant for playing the piano may always be there, a piano will never be anything more than a wooden box of potential until someone sits down to interpret the intricate beauty of its melody hidden deep within.

For a psychic the wooden box is analogous to the universal energy we are all surrounded by, and the melody hidden deep within is the spiritual tapestry upon which we are all writing our journey. Like a maestro conducting a symphony, the same is true for the genuinely talented psychic, they both tap into the unique elements of their boxes in order to create astounding feats of splendor.

From this perspective, although we are all psychic per se; in terms of “professional” psychics I am referring to someone who has skillfully honed their abilities to a point of being a master pianist. In some cases as with the child prodigy, many psychics have played their pianos before in previous lives and as a result seem to possess an uncanny capacity for their art in this lifetime.

The Nature of the Beast

To better understand the nature of the beast it’s best to get a basic grasp of psychic fundamentals. First, is the fact that we are all by virtue of being human, naturally imbued with some level of psychic ability. That is to say; our spirit, otherwise known as the part of us that lives on after physical death, provides us with special inherent psychic abilities.

Second, although it is our human birthright to possess this talent, it’s wholly up to each of us whether to exercise that right or let them lay dormant for however long we choose. In some cases these abilities remain dormant for reasons unique to the individual, usually associated with their present life learning process. After all, the best learning is through experience and best experiences are those that are unexpected and spontaneous. Who knew that being ignorant had its merits?

Finally, that said, those who have chosen to become “professional” psychics have developed those skills through the only medium that any of us are presently aware of; our physical world. In connection with this unique medium, the body’s five senses and human thought at its center serve as our preceptors of this reality. As a result of living within such a dense medium, spiritual communications can be rather limited and the learning curve for such professionals quite steep. If to err is human, then to make errors is perfectly human – just assume some psychics can be more perfect than others in this respect.

Finding the Better Psychic for your Needs

Bearing in mind that not all psychics are created equal anymore than any two humans are exactly alike; the measurement of a psychic’s ability or “quality ranking” can be very tenuous at best but not impossible. The first thing you need to consider before finding a psychic is the reason you’re seeking them in the first place. Just as you probably wouldn’t see a foot surgeon to take care of a headache, you might not consider seeing a Forensic Psychic if all you want to know is when your next love is coming into your life.

Understanding some psychic lingo of the trade can be very helpful when considering your options. For instance if you see the words:

1. Psychic Intuitive – you can expect to see someone whose skills are more in line with educated guessing. Yes, they are psychic; however, their level of awareness borders more on gut feeling than objective awareness. The plus part of an Intuitive is that they are more often than not reasonably priced, their accuracy is probably a little better than average, but most of all their insights can be very helpful and better than most.

2. Psychic Medium – this is a person with exceptional psychic abilities who is very adept at contacting relatives and/or loved ones who have passed over. While their accuracy is very keen, you can expect to pay quite a bit more for their services depending on the demand.

3. Psychic – is an oversimplified term that will require some investigation. Don’t be afraid to ask what their gifts are and request an explanation if you’re not sure. Generalities like this often assume you will not ask any difficult or detailed questions. It’s your nickel, be sure to get the best advice your nickel can buy.

4. Forensic Psychic – a person who specializes in solving crimes.

5. Clairvoyant, Clair audient, Clair essence, and Empathic – all denote some form of psychic ability dependent on the senses. These terms are used to help clarify how the psychic provides their services. Again, prices should be reasonably in line with an Intuitive and their element of accuracy.

There are many other forms of psychic specialties, each with their own implied limitations and price range. The best rule of thumb is to ask yourself how valuable this service is worth to you and are you willing to pay the price for that service. If the answer is no, then don’t.

Tips on Finding a Better Psychic

“Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true.”

One of this century’s most renowned psychic mediums, Edgar Cayce, once said “Spirit Is the Life, Mind Is the Builder, the Physical Is the Result.” Simply stated, “As your spirit goes, so you will think, which will ultimately determine how matters will proceed and end up.” If you’re predisposed to thinking all psychics are fakes, chances are all psychics you meet will be. On-the-other-hand, if you keep an open mind and consider the possibilities, chance is that you’ll greatly enhance the likelihood of finding a genuine psychic sooner than later.

“Look with before you leap.”

Be prepared to ask questions and get answers before settling on any one psychic. If you can, look for references regarding the psychic’s prior work. Most psychics cannot provide a guarantee as their underlying clause is “For entertainment purposes only.” Consider wisely where your money is going before you give it.

“Don’t prime the pump unless you’re willing to get dirty.”

If you’re being asked for additional sums of money for special ceremonies or rites, kindly pick yourself up and leave. Chances are in this situation that you’re being baited for more and more funds and it will not stop if you allow it to continue. A genuine psychic will respect your wishes and provide the best services possible at the agreed upon price without bilking for more.


Being a better psychic isn’t just a matter of experience but is much like an artist and her paint; you can have all the tools you’ll need but if you lack the passion and vision to create a masterpiece chances are you’ll be painting by numbers and wondering why everything looks the same. After all, it is our love and the desire to share it that creates the foundation of a better psychic, anything short of that is like painting in thin air; it may feel right at the moment but in the end there isn’t much to see.

Whether you desire is to become an outstanding psychic or you’re looking to find one, the process is still the same. Ask the universe or God for what you need and then have the courage to find it. A lot of us know how to ask but later fall short of the goal expecting it to land in our laps without much effort. Anything good in life is not without its dues and as Thomas Edison once remarked, “Genius is 95% perspiration and 5% inspiration.”


How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities Super Fast

Have you ever made a firm determination that you were going to learn how to develop your psychic abilities? And, did you find that after reading a few books on psychic development that you were no closer to achieving your goals? Just about everybody who cares about self-improvement will eventually make the journey to develop their psychic powers.

Psychic Abilities

The development of your psychic abilities can radically enhance your whole life. It has the ability to give you a huge advantage in life. Knowing where to go, how to go, the true intentions of those around you as well as psychic influence are all huge assets to have. However the issue still remains with most people and that is really learning and grasping what they have read in the many courses and books they have studied.

It can take most people many years to develop their psychic and intuitive awareness when it really does not have to. With dedicated work anybody can increase their psychic abilities however the length of time it may take you can be sped up a lot faster.

Before I tell you how to develop your psychic power and how to do it fast let’s tackle some of the issues you may be having which hinder your progress.


Only Special People are Psychic – Surprisingly a lot of people including those who do take the journey to learn how to develop their psychic abilities believe that other people have a special ability and they don’t. As simple as that belief is it creates a mental block which ultimately will limit your success. Naturally if you think that psychic abilities belong to special person you will always find yourself working hard to achieve what is already a natural part of everyone.

You Can’t Visualize – Visualization is a very essential key to psychic development. It facilities mental visions and helps with many of the psychic techniques such as mental telepathy, accessing answers on past and future events and so forth. While visualization is not the only tool to psychic development being able to visualize is a huge advantage.

Another sad issue a lot of people face is actually being afraid of what they see when they close their eyes. That truth is astonishing! After all how can anyone be afraid of their own self? However this fear is more common than not; and it’s common even for people who attend psychic development courses.

Lacking Mental Concentration – Mental concentration is an absolute must in psychic development. Now we are not speaking of holding the mind clearly on a candle for two hours without blinking. Mental concentration is key in such practices as mental telepathy where you are able to transmit thoughts to the mind of others. Most people struggle with a sort of monkey mind. There is always a hopping and jumping of the mind from one issue to the next. This monkey mind prevents the development of psychic powers.

These three issues are the most common problems which inhibit the vast majority from excelling with psychic development. Get past these issues and you will excel in your development.

Here Are a Few Techniques You Want to Apply to Increase Your Psychic Development Fast

The following five techniques should be incorporated in your day to day activities in order to develop your psychic abilities fast. Get a note book and an alarm clock which you will set for five times throughout the day whether you are at work or at home. Every time the alarm goes off take a 5-10 minute break to practice one or a combination of these techniques.

Within the first week you will notice improvements, by the end of two weeks there will be a huge improvement and by the third week you will definitely have clearer mental visions, your ability to accurately know things will astound you and your dreams will improve in clarity as well as your ability to recall them all.

No Special Time Needed 

You don’t have to devote special time in your day just to working on this. What you can start doing is incorporating it into your day by doing little psychic training sessions. When the phone rings try to get a sense of who is calling before you pick up the telephone.

Try to communicate a mental message to a friend before telling them what you want. Every time it works make an actual note of it, this will build your confidence. You can also assess more specifically what you did that time to get it to work.

Take Mental Quite Time

Short sessions of mental quite will build your mental concentration a lot faster than if you leave it for one long session. Again the key to rapid psychic development is to incorporate it into your day.

Improve Your Visualization

Visualization is key in developing your psychic abilities. You can improve it by starting just where you are. Grab something anything; look at it with all of its details. Tell yourself in a clear full statement what those details are. For example if you are looking at a vase with roses, say to yourself. I am looking at a clear vase with red roses.

I can see the green stems; I can also see the leaves and the water etc. Then close your eyes and repeat this detailed vision to yourself. Speaking it out in your mind will help to form the picture. Try this technique with several things. Five to ten minutes at a time is all you need to develop, then perfect this visualization technique.

Follow your dreams

One more powerful tool to develop your psychic abilities is psychic dreaming. Dreams allow you to bypass all the hard effort and long training and it also affords more accurate, information. Another thing is that we all dream and dreams have always been none as a powerful prophetic tool. Get a dream journal, which you will place by your bed side. Every morning you awake make sure to note the first things you recall.

Playing Imaginary Games

Children are great for talking to imaginary characters and living in imaginary worlds. Children whose parents foster this imaginary game play have discovered heighten intuitive ability later on in life. They are the ones some of us call special. However children whose parents stopped them from experiencing or sharing their imaginary interactions lose their intuitive ability.

Luckily you can always reintroduce this imaginary exploration later in life. Get some good music, preferably music which will allow you to get lost in mental exploration. Create a scenario in your mind, one where you get access to your higher self. Ask your higher self whatever question you would like.

Then listen to the answer. The longer you stay in this imaginary realm the stronger your intuitive mind becomes. What starts of as imaginary will blow you away later on as you discover how accurate many of the answers become. The key is to do it as often as possible.

There you have it! One more tool you will need to develop your psychic abilities is a daily journal. No matter how small the improvements are be sure to write them down. As you write them down you can learn from yourself what works, when, why and how. Writing it out also helps to reaffirm to our mind whatever improvements and achievements you make.


Are Bad Dreams a Sign From Your Higher Self?

Do you believe in a higher aspect of yourself? If you are open to the idea that you are greater than your physical self and that there is a part of you which has a higher, wider perspective of your life then you can get an even clearer understanding of any bad dreams you may now be experiencing.

Think of your higher self as a taller, bigger part of you with a vast over view of every single thing around you. When you are sleeping it is awake, monitoring every single part of your life. In life due to stress your mind may not be very clear and you will find yourself not paying full attention to the things which matter most in your life.

Your daily routine may take up a lot of your attention to the point that you don’t see other things which could be causing you a great deal of harm.

Look at what happens to someone who seems perfectly well one day then suddenly falls down sick and dies within a week. That illness was developing all along but that person over looked the signs which could have stopped it.

In such a case this person most likely got psychic nudges from his/her higher self but may not have known how to interpret the dreams and so dismissed them.

A bad dream is always a reflection of something that is negatively affecting you. Never ignore such dreams. There is a reason why they come and there is a reason why they reoccur again and again. They are a warning sign from your higher self that something within your life needs attention and it needs it fast.

A Series of Bad Dreams:


Having The Chair Pull Out From Beneath Him


One man kept having a series of bad dreams where night after night he would see a large group of men with a symbol on their chest approaching him. These men would walk right up to him and pull the seat from under him. For him the dreams, as well as the characters within the dream were very frightening.

After doing a bit of dream work he realized the symbol within the dream belonged to a rival company to the one he was working for. What he did not yet know was that the other company was in works to buy out his company and the merger date was coming very fast.

This man was going to be one of the men they let go. He had been handling his finances in a really bad way and could not afford to lose his job. Realizing what the dream was trying to show him, he very quickly started to look for something else. Just in time too, he found another job days before this company announced what was about to happen.

This man benefited from analyzing his bad dream. However in most cases most people stay frightened after a series of bad dreams yet do nothing more about it.

Mommy the Creepy Crawly Black Stuff


One woman shares a story of a series of bad dreams her young six year old son had been having. Every night for two weeks her young son would wake up screaming and crying that small creepy, crawly black stuff which resembled spiders were crawling on his leg.

The mom would always console him that everything was OK and it was just a bad dream. She did what most mothers do. They often have limited understanding of dreams or the working of the human mind. So they easily dismiss what they cannot see with their physical eyes.

Approximately three weeks to one month while at school her son developed a problem in his leg. He fell down and could not stand up. At the hospital she later discovered that this child had been experiencing some degenerative disease in his leg which had now weakened his muscle and he could not walk.

It took the mother many months to realize the correlation of the series of bad dreams and the illness that had later affected her son. This little boy’s higher self was trying to alert his mother that something was wrong. However that intuitive psychic communication between mother and child was not there.

The mother even recalls having a dream quite similar to what her son was having, where she saw his leg being eaten up by small bugs. However she dismissed it and thought that it was all just in her mind.

Running For Her Life


One woman had just moved into a new town where she did not know anybody. Within a few weeks of being there she began to have a series of bad dreams where she was being chased by a man. Night after night the dreams came stronger and clearer than ever. She would wake up screaming with terror still feeling herself running for her life.

In this particular case this was a woman who knew a bit about dream work. Going inside of her dream she began to program her dreams to give her answers on what was going on. What she experienced in a new dream was herself watching a man who lived a short distance away from where she now lived. She watched him in the dream as he followed her very early in the morning.

A bit nervous the next morning she kept turning around to see if she was being followed. To her surprise and amazement right behind her was a man following who fit the exact description within the series of bad dreams she had.

He was directing all his focus directly on her. Over the next few days she would encounter that man very early on her way to work. She knew that this situation would lead to a very bad situation based on the series of bad dreams she previously had.

What she did next was to change her work schedule so she could leave at a time in the morning where there were more people on the road. It would take almost a year later for her to get news that another woman was beaten and attacked by that very same man in the neighborhood.

Bad dreams are always an alert or shout out from the higher self that something needs your attention. Unfortunately, most people become consumed by the fear within the dream that they shut it out rather than try to see it as a warning sign.


3 Secrets About Dreams You Don’t Know

Do you know about dreams or even the many ways in which you can use dreams to increase psychic power? Chances are you may not, few people do. In fact only a small percentage of people have taken any time to study the meaning of their dreams or what dreams can really do for their lives. The average person spends seven to eight hours sleeping. If you add that up between forty nine to fifty six hours is spend in bed a week. Imagine how much time that adds up to in a life time!

The average person spends that time in an unconscious state, having not a clue about what is going on. Yet there is so very much that a person can do with their dreamtime too radically enrich their life such as: develop psychic powers, solve problems, get guidance to issues they may be having and so much more.

Sadly only a very tiny number of people know of the power to use dreams to get answers as well as develop their psychic abilities. Yet those who have come upon the knowledge don’t know exactly how to use it. In any case before you can learn how to use your dreams you should know what can be done in dreamtime.

Here are 3 Secrets About Dreams That Can Enhance Your Life


  1. Psychic Detective – Did you know that when you are in the dream state you connect with the minds of everyone else who is sleeping? Yes, that is one powerful secret you may not have known about dreams. In that state there are no walls, no such thing as distance or time and no secrets. You have free access to as much information about anyone you want to get answers about. It is easy to use dreaming for accessing information from the mind of another without their resistance.
  2. Getting the Gold – Here is the second thing you need to know about dreams. A person can often struggle with doing something creative in their life but meet with limited ideas. No matter how hard they try they can’t get a clue. With dreams you can easily program your dream body to give you inspiration or ideas on how to get results. For example one man who had lost his job programmed his dreams specifically to get answers on how to make a certain amount of money. The next morning he woke with an answer that changed his life. If you want to hear the story you can listen to the free audio on Psychic Dreaming to hear step by step what he did.
  3. Influencing Someone in Your Favor – During the dream state a person’s mind is at a receptive open state to the thoughts and feelings of others. Using the art of dream telepathy you can communicate mind to mind with anyone. Of course there is a right way to do it and a wrong way. Knowing how it is done can add some real excitement to how you communicate with others. One woman was trying to reach an aunt of hers to let her know that her only sister was going to die.

Several various methods to contact the aunt failed; it was then that dream telepathy was introduced to the woman who gave it a try. Early the next day her aunt gave her a call expressing concern and worry about a dream she had about her sister. She was right on target; her niece had succeeded in communicating with her aunt the urgency of what was happening to her sister. By the next day the aunt was in town just in time to spend a few days with her sister before she passed on.

There is so much more about dreams that you may not be aware off. Everything you could possibly have an issue with can be solved using dreaming techniques. You will find that what seemed impossible to work out, change or enhance in your life can be altered in the dream state or at least you can get answers on the exact steps to take to get the help you need.

Now that you know a bit more about how you can use your dreams, what would you use your dreams to do?


What do Dreams Mean – Using 3 Step Interpretation Technique

What do dreams really mean? Is a common question everyone will ask at some point in time. Your dreams can leave you with a very nagging feeling when you can’t get an understanding of them, especially when they repeat themselves or turn into nightmares. Philosophers and scientist will tell you that dreams are a figment of one’s imagination, and that dreams aren’t real. However they believe that dreams do reveal the true nature of a person’s mind and their internal conflict with life. In any event the dream is a creation of the individual.

What do Dreams Mean

Mystics however have a different belief about dreams. Many mystics see dreams as a real experience. While you may still be wondering ‘what do dreams mean’, there is still the unanswered question, “Are dreams real?” Based on the level and number of experiences that a person can have in the dream state and the accuracy of information that can be acquire one can lean more to the belief that dreams are a real experience or an extension of a person’s physical reality.

In any case, no matter what you belief about the realness of dreams you have to start with the awareness that your dreams are an extension of your present self. So whatever you dream can only be interpreted by you, as the dream does come out of you. Dream interpretation can be a fun exploration yet for many people it can seem so mysterious and enigmatic. The dreamscape can seem like such a strange reality with pigs flying over the moon, you falling into a pie whole and so on. But, in all honesty the dream realm is not as disjointed as it seems. It’s quite easy to understand dreams once open up to how your inner mind works and how it creates these fantastic scenarios.

One point to note is that dream interpretation books are a waste of time unless they are written in a way to show you how to interpret your own dream. No two symbols can ever mean the same thing to everyone. Each individual will have an association to an image or symbol.

What Do Your Dreams Mean 3 Step Technique…to help you analyze any dream you may have.


  1. The first step in helping you understand the all probing question of, “what do my dreams mean?” is to disassociate yourself from the dream. Act as if you are watching a movie on a big screen. When you temporarily remove yourself from the dream you remove your emotions as well as your rational interpretation. If you saw your teeth flying away with wings from your mouth would you be able to understand what the dream was trying to tell you or you would become so emotional about the possibility of losing your teeth that you would lose sight of the real interpretation. So again let go of the dream and look at it from the outside.


  2. Analyze each symbol within the dream as a part unto itself. Such as what do teeth mean to me? Teeth are for chewing etc. etc. What do wings really mean? What do flying wings mean? Don’t disregard any symbol as too simple or too easy otherwise you may miss the full story of the dream. Honor each and every symbol as all will reveal a full picture.


  3. After you have analyze every single symbol and ask yourself what it all means to you; ask yourself in what rational way does this story fit into my life? Your dreams are a microcosm of your life experience. Your dreams are always revealing a part of your life which you need to focus on.


It is extremely important that you gain an understanding and know what do your dreams mean to your personal life. Your dreams could be revealing a situation that may need your urgent attention. For example what do flying teeth in your dreams mean?  Could it be that you will be hit by a baseball bat causing you to lose your dentures?  Could it mean that you need to get some dental work done before you lose them all? Could it mean that you are losing your bite on something important in your life?

As you can see there is no standard interpretation, no one can ask, what do flying teeth in dreams mean and get one standard answer. The question is, who is the dreamer and what is going on within the dreamer’s life?


Who Is A Spritualist?

A spiritualist is a persons belief system in spirituality. The Spiritual movement that evolved through out the world is premised on the idea that the spirit does not die after death. There is the physical body and the material plane as well as other planes we do not see. A Spiritualist believes in other levels of being that we cannot see with the naked eye unless we are tuned in spiritually to do so. One who is a spiritualist also believes there can be communication between this plane and others. A lot of spiritualists are also mediums, or intermediaries who communicate between this plane and other planes with souls and other entities.


In order to do this a lot of spiritualists have psychic endowments. Some spiritualists are able to alter their state of consciousness to go into trance. In trance the soul or entity can enter their body and use it for communication or physical work such as healing. Some spiritualists do not go into trance but , hear, smell touch and feel spirits around them.

In traditional societies that believe in shamanism the idea of what we call a spiritualist is a natural process in human beings religious or cultural development in that society. In our society however, those that do not have a typical religious back round that we are familiar with tend to be looked upon as the stereotypical idea of a spiritualist. That is, that they do hocus pocus, like conjuring up spirits that float over our heads to do ones bidding. Real spiritualism doesn’t work that way.

It doesn’t matter if one is devoutly religious or not. You can still be a spiritualist. Spiritualists believe in a higher power, some form of god and that the spirit continues to live after the body dies. You can be a Christian spiritualist, a Jewish spiritualist, A Hindu Spiritualist etc. The idea of a Spiritualist supersedes ones religious orientation.

Spiritualist practices in the United States emerged from a Judeo-Christian faith of god and its practices, so you will find Christian Spiritualist churches all across the United States. Unlike other animist and shamanistic faiths, Spiritualism in the Anglo American Culture embraces contact with the dead, but not those forces of nature. In animist and shamanistic faiths there are forces of nature that have spirits and there are deities that one can contact as well.

It wasn’t until Allan Kardec started that Spiritualist movement in the Spanish Speaking Countries of Latin America that people with a catholic back round started accepting the idea of reincarnation. Kardec brought to the spiritualist table the idea that spirits are reborn because they have lessons they still have to learn.

Christian spiritualists view their concept of spiritualism to be different from those who practice occult arts or are in pagan forms of worship as in Wicca. This is because the spirits contacted by Christian spiritualists are claimed not to be contacted for various powers as in those religions except to heal. But as I said before that spiritualism is non denominational and you can be of a pagan faith and be a spiritualist also. One is a spiritualist based on the ideology of spiritualism, not their other religious affiliations.